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Weekly and Bi-Weekly Mowing Services

Lawn Mowing Service We start all of our customers lawn mowing services on a bi-weekly mowing schedule in March, switch to a weekly rotation from April through October, and return all of our customers lawn mowing services to a bi-weekly basis from the beginning of November. We do not schedule recurr

Shrub Trimming and Bed Weeding Services

Shrub Trimming & Bed Weeding We have specialized shrub crews that all have several years of experience. We offer one-time, monthly, and bi-monthly shrub trimming and bed weeding services. We provide a flat rate rather than charging an unpredictable, expensive hourly rate like most other lawn co

Crape Myrtle Trimming

Crape Myrtle Trimming Crape myrtles trees are one the most sought ornamental tree’s in Texas. This is no surprise, as few ornamental plants can challenge crape myrtles for vibrant summer color. The tree’s beautiful summer flowers and showy fall colors make them a great asset to any lawn or garden.

Leaf Removal

Leaf Clean-Up Service We remove fallen leaves from your lawn, beds, sidewalks, patios, driveway and street. We place all clippings in bio-degradable bags for City pick up. Decomposing leaves are a different story.

If you are unsure of your lawns state, please give our office a call. Excess leav


Fertilization and Weed Control Services Enhance your lawn’s health with proper nutrition and weed control

Your property’s curb appeal says a lot about you. Don’t let unsightly weeds and patches of thinning or brown grass detract from your image. Give your turf exactly what it needs to be h

Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control Service Finding a huge fire ant mound on your property is a scary and problematic issue that needs attention quickly. Our fire ant control treatments applied by a licensed expert are the key solution. It is absolutely imperative to protect your household, including pets, as fire an

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